Monday, February 3, 2014

Waterfall #1

I have decided to visit 60 waterfalls before my 60th birthday.  This gives me just about a year and a half to reach my goal.  I haven't decided where I will land for my 60th, I might need your input about that.  It would be great to have anyone who wanted to join in with me on this Journey of 60.
Waterfall #1 February 1st, 2014
This Photo was taken at Ney Springs or Faerie Falls in Mt Shasta CA.  That whole rock behind us is usually covered with water, but as you can see we have not had enough moisture this winter.  My mom is awesome, able to walk down and up the path with little assistance. I only hope I am able to be as active at her age.
A little story behind this waterfall: I believe that this was the falls that my sister was trying to take us too by walking up the stream bed to find it.  For some reason, I think time ran out, I decided to go up to the road.  I fell as I was trying to climb up the hill side and came face to face with a scorpion.  Yikes.  My sister will have to fill us in on the remaining details of that trip.  

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Here is our group! Chris just got home from afganistan. yeah! Glad to have him back. Bill is showing us his new guitar skill. Davin likes it.

Easton and Davin had a great time.

We visited my mom this morning. It was a quick visit but very nice.

Well I keep this up about as much as I do my journaling. That's too bad since this has been a good year. Today is Mothers Day and I was able to visit my mom and then my kids surprized me with a mothers ring and a card that had been sent to everyone to sign. It was really special and i will treasure the card and the ring forever. Thank you so much.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sarah was able to spend some time with us this. Here are a few pictures of her 8 months pregnant.

We climbed up Upper Table Rock in Medford. It was an
easy to moderate hike. We took pictures of flowers
along the way and found the one flower that was only
grown on the top of these mountains. It was fun.

Here are some pictures of Daven taken over memorial weekend. He is growing so fast.